CR Power Launched Students Welfare Week
22-12-2019 CR Power



1947福利视频From December 16 to 22, when the New Year 2020 is just around the corner, CR Power launched its Students Welfare Week, an activity designed to provide aids to students. Thanks to the response from its affiliates, the program was in full swing, aiming at disseminating knowledge, sowing the seeds of love and contributing to the healthy growth of students in poverty-stricken areas.



Focusing on "aiding students", the participating enterprises visited local schools one after another and launched lively and interesting classes through video clips, text and picture presentations, and interactive games to disseminate knowledge on electricity and safe use of electricity. Xuzhou Tongshan Power Plant, Zhenjiang Power Plant, Yichang Power Plant, and Panjin Power Plant sent carefully-selected books to the children, opening a window for them to know the world. Baoji New Energy Company, Gucheng Power Plant, Jiaozhou Wind Farm, Shayang Wind Farm, Lianyuan Power Plant, and Wenzhou Power Plant sent school supplies, sports supplies and daily necessities to children to encourage them to study hard and grow healthily. Volunteers from Xuzhou Thermal Power Company came to some communities to pair up with families. To solve the children's problems in learning and education, the volunteers even worked out task lists to help them with their studies. It is worth mentioning that the staff of Huanxian Wind Farm and the students decorated the classroom with their hand-made works. The staff of Anhui Mingguang Wind Farm, while disseminating knowledge on electricity, sang the song "My Motherland and I" with the children and played the movie I Grow Up with My Motherland to arouse their patriotic enthusiasm and strengthen their self-confidence, and set up information files for the left-behind poor children to form a long-term aiding mechanism. During this period, the professionals for the power plants also checked the power facilities of the school buildings for potential safety hazards, put forward suggestions for improvement, and did some repairs.



The Students Welfare Week is part of CR Power's series activities themed “Sending Love from Our Hearts”. It aims to help poor students increase their knowledge and insight, help them set high goals and aspirations and correct outlook on life and values, and contribute to the education and healthy growth of students in poor areas in China in combination with the sustainable objectives of "No Poverty" and "Quality Education" set by the United Nations and the poverty alleviation strategy of "helping the poor by helping them build ambitions and develop intelligence first" put forward by Party Secretary Xi Jinping. This activity is also a useful attempt for CR Power to explore the way to carry out special public welfare activities.